Why a Detox Plan?

A Detox plan can change your life too.

You already know that you push too hard, should eat better, and should take better care of yourself. Daily stress and poor nutrition can magnify negative emotions and health concerns. There's no magic bullet that will solve the stress in your life or give you more hours in the day. But by resetting your diet and your lifestyle, you can regain and improve your health and well-being. Dr. Angelina has seen the deeply positive effects that detoxification has on the body and mind – a break from overindulgence, mindless consumption, problematic digestion and sleep. His approach replaces empty calories with whole and natural foods, emphasizing healthy fats. 

The plans that Dr. Angelina offers are realistic, attainable, and tailored for you, based on your goals, budget, lifestyle, and health concerns. While these are short term detox plans, often they lead to lasting changes to diet and a more mindful approach to self-care. The detox program has two options, depending on your goals and level of commitment: a 10-day plan and a 21-day plan.

Both of these plans involve:

  • Simplified diet, with a focus on whole foods and healthy fats.
  • Elimination of consumed stressors, including sugar, artificial sweetener, alcohol, many sources of caffeine (except green tea).
  • Wholesome whey protein smoothies to keep you fueled up.
  • High quality nutritional supplements that maximize the elimination of toxins.
  • Hydration.

The 10-day plan is less restrictive and is a good option for folks that need a break from their current routines and the opportunity to form new habits.

The 21-day plan is a bit more serious and is a good option for folks that are also hoping to lose a bit of weight in the process. This plan has two phases, the first phase involves a restrictive set of allowed foods, aimed at providing a break from allergenic foods, followed by a second phase that is similar to the 10-day plan.

The plans are not starvation plans and if you are hungry, something is wrong and Dr. Angelina will help you find meal options that appeal to you. However, you may be separated from some of your favorite snacks and beverages, which is hard. This can be useful, and the purpose is to take a break from our ingrained routines that may not be serving us well and to introduce mindfulness into our patterns of consumption. In the process, you will regain energy, sleep better, and most likely lose unnecessary body fat (this is true for both plans).

Detox Footbaths are recommended during these programs, to help balance the body's PH as well as open up the lymphatic drainage.  Dr. Angelina offers the footbaths in her office as well as recommends a patient at home unit for those who want to use the footbaths more regularly and conveniently. 

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